Extensions, renovations and building approvals simplified using the Complying Development process. As an established, well recognised and highly regarded building certification firm Insight Building Certifiers Pty Ltd has identified the potential to obtain quick and easy building approvals for your new home, alterations or additions to your existing home, a new swimming pool or landscape works.

Using the Complying Development process means:

  • Speedy approval – the majority of Complying Development applications are assessed and determined within 10 days or less
  • Cost savings – less bureaucracy and red tape means less cost
  • Simplified process – a streamlined approval process for low impact housing additions and renovations
  • Certainty – knowing that your compliant building design will be approved


In 2008, the NSW Government introduced a State Environmental Planning Policy specifically aimed at simplifying the approval process.

It applies to all but a few specifically excluded properties within NSW.

You can find more information on the Policy on the NSW Department of Planning & Infrastructure website.

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